Class Descriptions

Pre-Ballet 1

Creative movement encompassing stretching, motor coordination, music appreciation and rhythm.

PreBallet students must be 3 years old to start. No Exceptions.

3 & 4 years old
45 minutes

Pre-Ballet 2

A continuation of Pre-Ballet 1 with an introduction to basic ballet steps.

5 & 6 years old
45 minutes

Introduction to Ballet

The basics of the ballet barre are taught with development of center and diagonal floor work. Focusing on proper alignment and strength.

7 years old
45 minutes

Elementary Ballet 1 & 2

The basics of ballet barre and center work are taught with emphasis on proper placement and body alignment. Each level builds on material learned in the previous level with more complex musicality, rhythm, and physical movements added as the student progresses.

8 years old and up
1 hour

Ballet 3 through Advanced Levels

Emphasis on strengthening technique with new steps introduced at each level. Total body awareness becoming an integral part of development. Combination steps, speed, more advanced skills and musicality and lyricism are reinforced at these levels.

Serious dance students are encouraged to study more frequently in preparation for pointe work and men's technique.

1.25+ hours


All pointe students are strongly encouraged to take ballet class twice a week. Pointe work requires strength, ankle flexibility and correct alignment. Students are recommended for pointe work on an individual basis at the discretion of the director and will begin in technique class. Students will be recommended to take an hour Pointe Class as the director sees fit.

10 years old and up with teacher approval
Pointe 1-3: 1 hour; Pointe 4: 1.5 hours


Partnering class will teach the basics of partnered turns, lifts, jumps, and promenades.

Approval by Director is needed for this class
1 hour

Lyrical Dance

Stylized dance form based on fundamental ballet training and merging it with Jazz Dance. Lyrical dancing is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements to express strong feelings and emotions the choreographer feels from the lyrics in the chosen song.  It is inspired by the pulse of today’s popular music.  For ages 8-12.


8 years and up
Elementary: 45 minutes; Intermediate and Advanced: 1 hour

Modern Dance

Dance form based on fundamental ballet training and focusing on the modern dance techniques of Martha Graham, Jose Limon, and Lester Horton.

8 years and up
1 hour

Tap Dance

Stylized American theatrical dance form using precise rhythmical foot patterns and movements and audible foot tapping. Tap dance is popular in many musicals and Broadway shows.

5 years and up
45 minutes

Hip Hop 1

Fast moving and energetic dance inspired by street dancing and sounds of today’s urban and popular music.

8 years and up
1 hour

Adult Ballet

These classes are designed especially for the teen or adult student who is new to the art of dance or refreshing a past knowledge.

16 and up
1 hour